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How it works ?

Learn what CosmosSync can do
for your business communications and efficiency
in 4 easy steps


Application Tools

Your mobile device is a tool for capturing business information while on the go. With CosmosSync, you can securely deliver information back into your company’s business processes regardless of whether it is originally a picture, a video, a vocal memo, a text note, or a scanned document you took on your device in a way that all your documents will be properly classified.



It provides data management and close follow-up on actions and activities related to each customer file. While you are uploading the files using Wi-Fi or mobile data, all the documents shall remain in a well-organized directory in your working environment. You are automatically done with the manual classification then!



File sharing and notification fall into one place within the right client folder. Directly transmit communication to the right person in real time. Determine requests priority order it receives and serve as to-do list with the pop up reminder system ! Your working life becomes more simple, pleasant, and efficient.


Increase in
Efficiency and

CosmosSync transforms the accuracy, efficiency, and competitiveness of mobile productivity and logistics operations. The application can help you reinvent your business, achieve higher levels of performance, reduce operational costs, and improve communications therein. All these at your fingertips!

CosmosSync Features

All your tools in one place

Work Folder

Create or use existing folders and sub-folders from main folders


Directly transmit communication to the right person in real time. Determine requests priority order and serve as a to-do list.

Capture on-the-go

Take as many photos, videos or voice memos as you want and annotate them directly on your mobile device.

360 view

Pre-determine the photo sequence your employees have to carry out during use.

Barcode Scanning

Speed up work and improve data accuracy when scanning a bar code.


CosmosSync allows for easy signing directly onto the mobile device's screen. Quickly obtain the clients consent and approval

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