Directly transmit communication to the right person in real time. Pop up reminder system (notifying a specific person for a new request). Determine requests priority order and serve as to-do list. Requests are automatically classified by the system and stay available for future references.


  • Reduced movements around the business resulting in less time loss
  • Avoid omissions and communication problems
  • Allow recipients to respond when available instead of being constantly disturbed.

In Action

  • Employees send photos or voice messages to make a request without having to walk around the business.
  • A manager can send messages as reminders when not at his or her desk.

Work Folder

Create or use existing folders and sub-folders from main folders.


  • Easy reference to existing folders or codes used by the company
  • Easy adjustment for all employees, even for those who do not use our system on a regular basis.
  • Can be adapted to any management system

In Action

  • Employees select the file from a list they know or can create a file from their phone.

Capture On-The-Go with anotations

Take as many photos, videos & voice memos as you want and annotate them.


  • Simplifies the document submission process
  • Improves operational efficiency and lowers service costs
  • Convenient, as it can be done from anywhere at any time
  • Annotate any documents.

In Action

  • Utility workers create better site assessments by submitting photos, videos or voice memos taken on site
  • Claims adjusters process claims more efficiently by electronically submitting photos of the damage while onsite



Automatically upload the right files to the right folder on your computer. Access all your files from anywhere at anytime.


Review all your previous files on your mobile.


  • Integrated with your existing corporate security infrastructure. No changes to IT policies.
  • Information is available from any computer via a web platform. Information is accessible at the office, on the road, at home and at a client's location if needed.
  • Information can be shared easily with all users who have the access code.
  • Can be used by any employees who are not familiar with computers.

In Action

  • Collision center appraisers can take photos of damaged body parts, which are then automatically uploaded to the right customer file.

Barcode Scanning

Speed up work and improve data accuracy when scanning a bar code on a car


  • Complete forms quickly and accurately
  • Barcodes allow for tagging and categorizing of products
  • Supports many widely used barcode types, UPC-A and UPC-E, EAN-8 and EAN-13, Code 39, Code 93, Code 128, ITF, Codabar, RSS-14 (all variants), RSS Expanded (most variants), QR Code, and Data Matrix

In Action

  • Event coordinators and managers can use their smartphones and tablets to efficiently register attendees at conferences and trade shows
  • Asset managers easily inventory and audit equipment throughout the enterprise by simply reading the barcode on each asset with their smartphones
  • Retail suppliers can quickly and accurately restock and manage store inventory by using smart devices to read product barcodes.


CosmosSync allows for easy signing directly onto the mobile device's screen. Quickly obtain the client's consent and approval.


  • Acknowledge consent on site, anywhere, anytime
  • Faster decision-making where approvers are in easy reach
  • Approvers can quickly address urgent requests, or enjoy signing when time permits.

In Action

  • Mobile healthcare workers can obtain authorization for treatment by having patients sign on the smartphone or tablet
  • Repair workers can use an eSignature to obtain customer authorization to begin work, and to receive customer sign-off when work is satisfactorily completed.
  • Sales managers can use eSignature on their mobile devices to quickly approve customer orders for processing.
  • Delivery companies can use their smartphones to verify customer acceptance of delivered goods at the delivery point (ex: "Receipt of Merchandise")

Geo-Tagging Information

Know more when you know where. Add value to your mobile documents by associating latitude and longitude coordinates from your mobile device. Making it easy to tie information to an address or location.


  • Validate where the work was performed by reviewing location address or coordinates
  • Audit mobile workforces by reviewing their location history

In Action

  • Claims adjusters can mark the location of an accident or incident with geo-tagging information provided from the application

Mobile Security

Security is built-in! All data is encrypted, and is communicated securely over CLOUD/HTTPS. Once synchronized, data is automatically purged from the device. data is never stored on the device.


  • All data is encrypted, and is communicated securely over CLOUD/HTTPS. Once synchronized, data is automatically purged from the device.
  • Data is never stored on the device, so there is little worry about corporate information security being compromised if a device is lost or stolen.

Runs on iOS, Android and Blackberry

CosmosSync is an app that runs on ios, android and blackberry operating systems. It extends the powerful capabilities built into these devices with intuitive mobile data-capture applications that are built around the CosmosSync platform.


  • Supports "Bring-Your-Own-Device" (BYOD)
  • Supports 90% of all smart devices on the market
  • Supports global workforces

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